July 9th, 2007


Dances with Films


Yes it is the absolute last minute, but if you are in LA tomorrow and have nothing to do at 5pm, GUITAR PLAYERS GIRLFRIEND is playing at the Laemmle Sunset 5:

Monday / July 9th, 2007 / 5:00pm
Dances With Films - Fusion Shorts GR 1 ( buy tickets)

Sunset 5
8000 Sunset Blvd. (@ Crescent Heights)
West Hollywood, CA 90046

It's part of DANCES WITH FILMS, which got a nice write up in this weeks LA Weekly, actually:

Dances With Films

By Scott Foundas
Tuesday, July 3, 2007 - 6:00 pm
When it began in 1998, Dances With Films felt like a suicidal novelty act — a film festival devoted to movies lacking so much as a single recognizable name in the credits, held in a city where celebrity is the highest form of culture. Attendance was spotty in those early years, dependant on how many family members and friends the selected filmmakers could recruit for their screenings. But under the stewardship of its indefatigable co-founder Leslee Scallon, Dances With Films has stayed the course. Now, as it closes out its first decade amid the major studios’ rapid colonization of the indie-film landscape, the festival feels more vital than ever. Here you won’t find any high-concept “calling card” movies made by schmoozy film-school grads lusting after a studio deal, or Oscar-baiting vanity projects in which some has-been matinee idol goes angling for “artistic credibility,” or anything starring a member of the Arquette, Tilly or Wilson clans. Instead, you will find more genuinely encouraging vital signs from the American independent film movement than could be detected in all of Park City this past January.

How about them apples.

Anyway, the screening time is kind of sucky but if you want to join us afterwards, We'll be at some bar around the corner celebrating so feel free to swing by.