janet_harvey (janet_harvey) wrote,

Back from Dingle

Just got back from Dingle, Ireland, where we've just heard the good news that Guitar Player's Girlfriend received an Honorable Mention from Colin Vaines of the Weinstein Company.

Charlie took bunches of beautiful pictures of Dingle with his new Nikon camera, here!

And tomorrow, we're playing the LA Shortsfest at the Burbank Town Center 6 at 3pm. If you are unemployed and have nothing better to do, you can purchase tickets here (it's for Shorts Program #67).

My friends Matt and Kelly Sue just had a baby. There's no link for that. You'll just have to take my word for it. Yay, little Henry Leo!

Them's the headlines - one day I will post a real update, but right now I am jetlagged and snowed under with deadlines for the new job at www.going.com. Later!
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