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Bonjour! I have returned! You didn't even know I was away, did you? Well, guess where I was?


That's right, fuckers! CANNES! FILM FESTIVAL! And it was as awesome as you think it was! Two things in particular are awesome:

1) I sold one of my shorts to a company that is distributing mobile content. (Licensed, actually, in a non-exclusive worldwide deal - but somebody is paying me money for my movie, is the point. Not a lot of money, but hey, it's better than a kick in the eye and maybe we'll be famous in Uzbekistan).

2) I met Don "the Dragon" Wilson!


Pictures are up here:


It's truly amazing to get a glimpse of how utterly different the rest of the world is from the Hollywood film industry. Every European country has its own fully-funded film council that treats film like any other art, and what they are looking for is the polar opposite of the Hollywood film. I met filmmakers from Poland, producers from Hong Kong, people from all over. I danced the night away. And I even got to see a couple of movies (though none in the Lumiere theater, sadly - our market passes put us rather low on the totem pole for invitations). But all in all, it was an eye-opening experience, a dream come true, a professional triumph, a huge party - in short it was everything I hoped it would be and I hope I'm able to do it again next year.

If I had one disappointment, it was this: the coffee. What's with this trend of pressing instant nescafe into the cafe au laits now? My god that is some awful coffee. You know something is wrong when I'm sitting in a cafe on the Riviera and wishing I could find a Starbucks. Shape up, France!
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