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Guitar Players Girlfriend at Silverlake Film Festival

Hello my internetty friends,

Sorry to have been out of touch for so long - so much is going on that by the time I get to thinking "you know I should mention that on my blog," three more things have happened and Charlie's already posted the pictures and I'm like "fuck it, I'll get to it later" as I sink, muttering, under a pile of press kits and postcards. But among the most pressing things I have to communicate to the world, is the following:

Good news! "Guitar Players Girlfriend" got into the Silverlake Festival!

Mon, May 7 2007 10:00 pm The Los Feliz 3 The Los Feliz 3- Theatre 1

Those of you who are in LA and so inclined can BUY TICKETS at Withoutabox.com.

Now, I go back under my pile. Assuming I am not suffocated by promotional materials, I hope to see you there.

xx's and oo's,
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